Hamilton County is the best place I have ever lived, and there is no better place to raise a family. Our County has achieved this through great leadership and the consistent kind, generous people who live here. They exemplify the Hoosier spirit that is respectful of other people regardless of their background. This collaborative and hospitable attitude is generally missing in politics.  That needs to change!

I was raised with a strong commitment to serve and be a part of what makes this Country great. This guided me toward the Armed Forces as a Navy ROTC student at Purdue. Due to a medical disqualification, I changed course, pursuing a career in engineering and construction. This career path has provided me with the means and opportunities to participate in various local communities and see the common areas of need across all cities and states - economic development and our youth.  Through the years, I have participated in children's charities from Big Brothers, Big Sisters in Washington, DC and South Bend and have been an active ACE Mentor of Indiana since its inception.  It is my belief that it is our collective responsibility to give back.


It was while supporting the City of Westfield as the Director of Public Works that a new set of opportunities for giving back was recognized.  One fateful day in 2013 when the Midland railroad embankment was breached and flooded all of downtown, a creative solution was required to regain control of flood zones that threatened the viability of many businesses and homes in downtown.  Years later the Mill Street road project and Regional Detention facility offer a solution and a nature preservation area in our downtown at the southern boundary of Grand Junction.  This incident changed my perspective on the value I could bring and the positive impact I could have on our local community by injecting some private sector creativity into the world of government service.

I felt driven to serve and bring my experience and innovative mindset to government service.  After many months of studying the opportunities to support my community, I realized that the County Council was the best opportunity to exercise my skills in collaboration and problem-solving and deliver results. I care about Hamilton County and believe in servant leadership.

My priorities include:

  • Maintaining a balance of quality of life initiatives and low taxes,
  • Investing in municipal infrastructure and maintenance plans,
  • Supporting the needs for training and recruitment for public safety,
  • Creating efficiencies through collaboration with other governmental bodies and the private sector,
  • Supporting responsible economic development with a focus on ROI, and
  • Engaging and mentoring young leaders to help shape the future of our communities

Years of private and public sector experience have prepared me to make the difficult decisions that are in the best interest of the county.  That experience makes me uniquely qualified to protect our County's interests, keep our taxes low and maintain our position as one of the best places to live, work and raise a family in America.