Born: May 18, 1973 in San Diego, CA
Family: Jenni Duffin-Alexander, Andy Duffin (14), Katelynn (11) & Connor ()
Parents: George E. Alexander (Carmel, IN) & Lynn Alexander (Fishers, IN)
Siblings: Greg (Carmel, IN) & his fraternal twin Jeff (Brooklyn, NY)

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Ken’s family has deep roots in America. His father’s side first arrived in North America in the 1600’s and slowly worked their way west, arriving in Indiana in the early 1800’s. His mother’s family reached the shores of North Carolina’s Outer Banks in the 1600s, where they worked as ship builders and were among the first members of the US Coast Guard. Ken is proud of his family's long history of military service. Military service and pride in our country is the foundation of his conservative beliefs and instilled in him a desire to one day follow in those footsteps and give back to the Country he loves.

Ken and his two brothers were all born in California where his father was stationed during the Vietnam war.  His family moved to Northern Virginia in 1978 where he and his brothers completed their primary and secondary school education.  Growing up, Ken had two goals, he wanted to be in the Navy and become an engineer. He was honored to receive a Navy ROTC scholarship and when choosing a college to pursue his engineering dream, his family history would not allow him to go elsewhere.

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Ken was blessed with opportunities to pursue his education including Purdue, Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, Virginia Tech, and Georgia Tech.  He chose Purdue because of its excellent reputation as one of the leading engineering schools in the country and the depth of family history. It was a bit scary traveling 750 miles to a school where he didn’t know a soul, but Purdue was a wonderful experience. This was the first time Ken witnessed “Hoosier Hospitality.” 

Halfway through his first year, Ken was notified that he needed to complete a routine eye exam to keep his scholarship. Then, the course of Ken’s life abruptly changed. He discovered he was colorblind and no longer eligible for his scholarship. After a few tough weeks, Ken walked into his Engineering 100 class to learn about the Construction Engineering & Management program in the school of Civil Engineering. There he discovered a new passion, real estate development and construction. He became a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity, enjoyed several internships and graduated in 1996.  Ken is a 4th generation graduate of Purdue and the 5th generation is already well represented by his niece and nephew. 

Vote for Ken on November 6th!

Vote for Ken on November 6th!

The construction industry carried Ken throughout the Midwest and back to the Washington, DC metro area, where he worked on the ground-breaking Discovery Channel HQ building in Silver Spring, MD. In 2003, Ken took a job working on the Jordan Hall of Science project at Notre Dame. There he fell in love with Jenni Duffin and her son Andy. In 2006, Ken married Jenni and the family relocated to Carmel in late 2007 several months after his daughter, Katelynn, was born. Connor was born in 2008 and, with their dog and cat, the family was complete and settled in Hamilton County.

Even though Ken's immediate family never lived in Indiana, most now reside in Hamilton County as we have all sought the quality of life it provides. Ken’s brother Greg and his wife Casey, live in the first neighborhood Ken worked on out of college while with Brenwick. Their oldest child (Elizabeth) is a graduate student in Agriculture at Purdue, their middle child (Brian) is in his Sophmore year at Purdue and their youngest (Lauren) is looking at options to pursue her musical passion as she ventures off to college next year. They have set a high bar for Ken and Jenni’s children but one that they know the great schools in the County are helping prepare them to meet.

Working for the City of Westfield opened his eyes to the impact that a person can have on one’s community. Whether it was finding a way to fix the flooding in downtown or building the nation's largest sports campus, he saw there were opportunities to use his expertise to improve the lives of others. He decided to get more involved in local government. In 2018, Ken left Hagerman for a small Carmel-based construction firm that allowed him more time to focus on being a dad and husband, and to plan his bid for County Council. Ken, Jenni, Andy, Katelynn and Connor love Indiana and especially the life we all enjoy in Hamilton County. They all are very supportive and excited about this new challenge!