Ken Alexander

A New Leader for Hamilton County

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Ken's Beliefs

Great Communities Embrace Partnerships

Today's businesses are competing against one another for talent.  Their relationship with their communities is symbiotic.  The community's role is supporting the needs of that workforce. 

Debt is destructive

Government needs to be solvent. To bring on debt and pass it from generation to generation is to basically handcuff our children.  When we invest in our communities, we must invest with an idea of an ROI - financial or quality of life.

Strong Local Self-Government

Local government action or inaction has a greater impact on you than the Federal government.  The best communities steer clear of national issues and focus on the specific needs of their communities.  Hamilton County continues to lead the way in that regard.

Ken's Family

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Ken’s family has deep roots in Indiana but his family’s military service has spread their extended family across the United States.  Ken is a 4th generation graduate of Purdue University.  His wife, Jenni, was born and raised in Elkhart, IN and they are active volunteers at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Carmel.  They have lived in District 4 of Hamilton County for the past 10 years in both Carmel (Saddle Creek) and Westfield (Merrimac).  Together they have three children whom participate in several recreational and travel sports and their daughter is a consistent performer in the Christian Youth Theater (CYT).  Ken has worked in the construction industry for the past 20+ years and is currently an executive at Carmel-based CTI Construction, LLC.  Jenni has been an educator for her entire career and is currently a science teacher at Cathedral High School. They both support several charities and love Hamilton County, the place they chose to raise their family.